Saturday, April 10, 2010

How to Use the Health Benefits of Acai Juice

Knowing how to use the health benefits of acai juice can help you lose weight and protect your body against dangerous free radicals. Acai juice comes from the South American berry from the acai tree. They are a dark purple fruit that is very high in Flavonoids and Anthocyanins which are beneficial to your health.

DISEASE FIGHTING - Use acai juice to fight off diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Acai juice has antioxidant properties higher than other similar fruit such as blueberries and cranberries. This high amount of antioxidants fights against disease causing free radicals. This removal of free radicals can prevent and reduce many diseases and conditions. Flavonoids and Anthocynins are strong antioxidants that can not only protect the human body from diseases but also fight against aging. Scientists are still studying the powerful affects of acai berries and acai berry juice. Acai berries are known as one of the few "superfoods" meaning that they are packed with nutrition.

COSMETICS - Look for cosmetics with acai berry in the ingredients. The high level of antioxidants in acai berries remains so even after being processed into beauty products. There are numerous products on the market that give your skin all of the wonderful benefits of acai berry juice.

ENERGY - Use acai berry juice when you need a boost of energy. One of the many benefits of acai berry juice is the energy boost you feel after drinking it. Acai juice is a healthy and beneficial substitute for artificial energy boosters and drinks. You will notice the boost in energy immediately after consuming the juice. Acai juice tastes wonderful and is so refreshing.

WEIGHT LOSS - Drink acai berry juice to help lose weight or keep yourself trim. Many studies have shown that acai juice can contribute to weight loss. Juice naturally suppresses the appetite. Drinking acai juice before and after a meal can also help you feel full. Get the triple weight loss effects by drinking acai juice: natural weight loss properties, appetite suppressant and help to feel full.

If drinking acai juice is not for you, acai comes in many other forms such as supplement pills and freeze dried berries. Acai berries come from South America, so normally it is difficult to find fresh acai berries to eat unless you live where they are locally grown.

Try it for yourself. Acai berry juice tastes delicious and you will notice appetite suppression immediately which will help you with your weight loss.

If you like acai berry juice, you may also want to try monavie or goji juice.

If you would like more information about acai, please look below in the Resources section. Knowing how to use the health benefits of acai juice will keep you trim, healthy and living for years.

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  1. A significant number of studies have shown that berry phytonutrients (such as anthocyanins) support cardiovascular health, and are beneficial in reducing age-associated oxidative stress, improving neuronal and cognitive brain function as well as ocular health, and protecting genomic integrity. In addition, berry phytonutrients have been shown to enhance the immune system and help maintain healthy cholesterol levels.