Sunday, April 11, 2010

How to Cut Prescription Drug Costs

Knowing how to cut prescription drug costs can save you hundreds of dollars per year. Prescription drugs just keeping going up in price and insurance benefits do not always cover the entire prescription. Don't get caught at the counter paying more than you should, plan ahead to save on your prescriptions before you get to the pharmacy.

TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR - Ask your doctor if there is a way for you to save on prescription drug costs. Sometimes your doctor may be aware of rebates or other programs to save you money on prescriptions. Your doctor may also have coupons or other discounts for you to use to save on your prescriptions. Your doctor will be happy to help you save money on prescriptions and keep yourself healthy.

CHANGE THE PRESCRIPTION - Ask your doctor if there are alternate medicines available if the one that was prescribed is not covered on your insurance or has an extremely high co-payment on your insurance. Sometimes the doctor may be able to prescribe a different brand of medicine that has the same key ingredient. If you arrive at the pharmacy and your insurance does not cover your prescription or the co-payment is too high, you do not have to pick up the prescription (unless of course it is medically necessary for you to have it immediately.) You can contact your doctor and have the prescription changed first and then go to the pharmacy to see if it is more affordable. I had to try three different allergy medications before finding one that worked for me and was covered on my insurance. Your doctor will understand and help you out as much as possible.

GENERIC - Accept the generic brand of your prescription if there is one available at your pharmacy. Normally this does not require a change from the doctor on the prescription. The pharmacist can just give you the generic brand of drug if it is available. Buying generic prescription drugs can save you a lot of money on your prescription costs each year.

CONTACT THE MANUFACTURER - Contact the manufacturer of your prescription to find out if they have any kind of coupon or discount available for the drug that you have been prescribed.

Also ask them if they have a program for people that cannot afford their prescriptions. Many people that cannot afford their prescriptions qualify for these programs and save thousands of dollars on their prescription costs each year.

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