Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How to Have a High Metabolism

Knowing how to have a high metabolism will help you to burn more fat and lose the weight that you have been wanting to lose. There are many things that you can change in your every day life that will help you increase your metabolism. Lose weight and keep it off with a higher metabolism. You will immediately notice if you have a high metabolism because you will be able to eat more and not gain any weight.

POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE - Have a positive mental attitude towards everything in life. Any positive health changes in your life will be more difficult if you do not have a healthy outlook. Emotions and reactions effect your attitude, your health and your normal bodily functions. A positive attitude will also help you to keep up your motivation to eat properly and exercise. Help yourself increase your metabolism by not hindering it with a negative attitude. You will have a slow metabolism if you are constantly dwelling on negative thoughts.

PHYSICAL - Change your body physically by building muscle. The more muscle that you build, the more you will increase your metabolism. The more you increase your metabolism, the more fat you will burn. The more fat you burn, the more you will be able to eat and still keep the weight off. Change your low metabolism to high just by adding daily exercise to your routine.

To build muscle you will need to do weight bearing exercises. Luckily you have weight with you all the time. You can use your own body weight to exercise and build muscle. Muscle building exercises that can be done conveniently in your own home without any special equipment include: push ups, pull ups, squats and lunges. Weight bearing exercises three to five days per week for at least one half hour will be enough for you to build muscle and burn excess fat.

You can have a high metabolism starting today.

FOOD CONSUMPTION - Eat spicy foods to help kick start your metabolism. Spicy foods have been shown to help increase metabolism. Add natural spices to the foods that you already eat. Turmeric, garlic and other spices will make your rice and pasta more flavorful and boost your metabolism.

Eat foods that are the opposite temperature of the season. During the fall and winter, eat hot soup and chili, during the spring and summer, eat cold watermelon and tomatoes.

Drink plenty of water each day. The colder the better. Cold water has been shown to help your metabolism burn more calories. Drink eight glasses of ice water per day.

A high metabolism diet will help you increase your fat burning potential.

Knowing how to have a high metabolism will help you with your health and weight loss goals.

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  1. Positive attitude is always good for both to have a good health and mental ability, along with physical exercise it will increase your metabolism and help to build muscle and burn excess fat. Drink plenty of water to keep your body function cool.