Saturday, April 17, 2010

How to Sculpt a Tight Butt

Have you been wondering how to sculpt a tight butt? You can create the buns of your dreams in just minutes per day. Take the time now and reap the rewards later. It will not take you long to sculpt a tight butt.

LUNGES - Do lunges every day. Increase the amount each and every day. You can also increase your lunges by holding dumbbells in your hands at your shoulders while you are doing the lunges. Lunges are excellent for sculpting your buns.

SQUATS - Do squats every day to sculpt your rear into a tight butt in just a few minutes each day. Work your way up to 100 squats per day. Do not do deep squats. You can always squat down and touch your behind on a chair to make sure that you do not go too deep and damage your knees.

LEG EXTENSIONS - Do leg extensions every day. Get down on all fours and extend your leg straight out behind you. Bring your knee up to your chest and then extend your leg out again. Alternate between a pointed and a flexed toe. Increase the number of leg extension each day.

RIDE A BICYCLE - Ride a regular or stationary bike every day. Bicycling is an excellent exercise to sculpt your buns. To increase the difficulty level you can try off road biking. Biking on any surface other than pavement makes it much more difficult. You can also try mountain biking up a slope, hill or mountain. Mountain biking is much more difficult than street riding.

If you are riding on a stationary bike, you can always increase the tension to make it more difficult. Exercising your buns every day will help you to get that tight butt that you have always wanted in just minutes per day.

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