Monday, April 5, 2010

How to Lose 48 Pounds Using 1 Rule

How to Lose 48 Pounds Using 1 Rule

You can lose weight if you really want to lose it.

Having you been wondering how to lose weight easily? You can lose all the weight you want to lose using just one rule. If you follow this rule, you will lose weight. Of course, it would not hurt to use known successful practices to help your weight loss materialize faster.

One Rule

Remind yourself of your goal constantly.

Find pictures that represent your goal. The pictures should also be something that you enjoy looking at. You may want to cut out a picture of a cute behind that is exactly what you want to have or a set of six pack abs.

Display the photos where you will have to look at them a lot. Display them on your refrigerator. On the dashboard of your car and on the inside of your front door, so that it motivates you when you are leaving for your walk.

Look for more information on losing weight in the Resource section below.

Follow the Rule

Keep your eye on your reward. If you can keep yourself focused on your weight loss goals, you will be able to reach them before you know it.

Your desire to reach your goals will overwhelm your desire to eat poorly and not exercise. You will start to see that doughnut in your hand as cellulite on your thighs. You will begin to enjoy walking and burning off calories and fat.

Before you know it, you will take control of your thoughts and focus them on what is important: your health.

Knowing how to lose 48 pounds using one rule will help you get the body that you have been dreaming about.

Help Yourself Be Successful

Eat healthy and exercise as much as you possibly can to realize your goals faster.

Don't think of yourself as dieting, just think of yourself as eating well. Fill your kitchen and refrigerator with fresh fruits and vegetables so that you are prepared to pamper yourself with good food.

Don't worry about exercise. Incorporate exercise naturally into your daily schedule so that you do not feel like you are exercising or over exerting yourself. Walk everyday after one of your meals for at least one half hour. You can also play sports, lift weights, roller skate or do other physical activities that you enjoy and can do easily.

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