Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How to Treat Diabetes Type 2

Knowing how to treat Diabetes type 2 can keep you healthy and possibly cure your Diabetes. Unlike Diabetes type 1, type 2 Diabetes can be cured in some individuals. If you are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes there is hope for a cure. Proper treatment, diet and exercise may help you to regain your good health.

DOCTOR'S ORDERS - Follow your doctor's instructions for treatment of your Diabetes type 2. Your doctor may be requiring you to exercise, eat properly, take pills and possibly take insulin if necessary. No matter what the doctor's instructions are, it is imperative that you follow them exactly. Diabetes can change quickly and cause you further health problems. Don't ignore your symptoms, call the doctor if you have any changes in your condition. Use your meter to check your blood glucose levels as often as your doctor recommends.

EAT HEALTHY FOODS - Eat healthy foods and in the proper quantity. You may even need to purchase a kitchen scale because your food portions will be strictly monitored to keep you healthy and possibly save your life. Diabetes type 2 can kill and it is up to you to save your life. Eat the amount of lean protein, vegetables and fruit as required by your doctor. Generally speaking type 2 diabetics should eat vegetables as 50% of every meal, lean protein as 25% of every meal and whole grains as the remaining 25% of every meal. Turkey, tofu, chicken and fish are excellent lean proteins. Whole grain pasta, brown rice and sprouted bread are excellent whole grain products.

Just as important as eating healthy, is not eating bad foods. Avoid foods with added sugar, enriched flour, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, fast foods, cereals, overly processed and packaged foods. Keep to simple ingredients for all your meals. Eat often throughout your day. Nuts, seeds, yogurt, lean protein, vegetables and fruit make excellent snacks. Now you know how to treat Diabetes type 2 with a proper diet.

EXERCISE - Workout six to seven days per week if you have Diabetes type 2. A combination of eating properly, taking your medication and exercising may reverse your Diabetes type 2. Although it is not possible to cure every type 2 diabetic this way, many people can be cured.

Set yourself up for success by planning an easy workout schedule. Choose your favorite cardiovascular exercise such as walking, swimming, jogging, hiking, etc. Start out slowly and keep increasing the amount of time you exercise each day until you are exercising at least one hour per day. Weight training should be added to your workout three to five times per week.

Knowing how to treat your Diabetes type 2 can keep you healthy and possibly cure your Diabetes type 2.

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