Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How to Tone Your Abs and Lose Weight

You can tone your abs and lose weight at the same time. Get the rock hard six pack that you have been dreaming of and lose weight all over your body at the same time. Slowly increase your workout each day until you are working out for 2 hours a day. You will have a tone stomach in no time.

**Do Cardiovascular Exercises Seven Days a Week**

Do cardiovascular exercises every day of the week to lose weight and get toned abs. There are numerous cardiovascular exercises to choose from. You can swim, jog, hike, walk, run, jump rope, play soccer, play volleyball, garden, dance, or bike.

Cardiovascular exercises will help you burn calories to lose weight and it will keep your body healthy.

If you are out of shape, you can start out slowly just doing ten minutes per day. Increase the amount of time you workout until you are working out for an hour and a half each day. Spend an additional hour doing abdominal exercises or muscle building exercises.

**Do Abdominal Exercises Seven Days a Week**

Tighten your abdominal muscles by doing sit ups, planks, crunches, double crunches and reverse crunches every day.

Start out slowly if you need to. You can start doing just ten each day. Add five more sit ups a day until you are doing 100 per day.

Sit ups, planks, or crunches will help you to burn calories and lose weight and will also tone your abs so that you will have that six pack look.

**Do Muscle Building Exercises Three Days a Week**

Do muscle building exercise three times per week. Leave at least one day in between working out each muscle group. You can workout with dumbbells or weights at home or at the gym. Workout your back muscles, arm muscles, leg muscles and abdominal muscles.

You will help your body to be more efficient and burn more fat by building more muscles. Muscles burn more calories even when you are not working out.

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