Friday, March 27, 2009

1,000 Calorie A Day Diet Day 5

Last week I just became so frustrated with my tight pants that I decided it was time for me to lose weight. I know that exercising is never enough for me to lose weight. I have to cut my calories in order to make a difference. Unfortunately my calorie reduction has to be significant. I chose 1,000 calories, because that is the amount that has worked for me in the past. I do allow myself a little remove for mistakes and my maximum calories per day has not been more than 1,200.

I also know that I have absolutely no will power. If I get hungry, then I want to eat and my diet is ruined. I decided that I would eat as filling meals as possible. Now, I know what you are thinking that 1,000 calories is not enough to be filling, but it can be. I have been adding a 1/2 glass of 1% milk or a piece of bread to my meals to fill myself up. I can have a lean cuisine and 1/2 glass of milk. I am full after that. I am also able to make it to my next meal without snacking. I am not a person that can snack and lose weight. If I do get hungry between meals I eat an apple or banana.

I also keep myself very busy between meals so that I do not start thinking about getting hungry again. This has been working so far. I started out at 151 pounds and I am now at 147. I am very happy with my progress. I will keep you updated just in case you are interested and I will let everyone know exactly what I am doing in case you want to do it to. You should ask a doctor for advice before starting any weight loss program.

I never eat in the evenings. No food after 6:00 pm. I eat breakfast around 9:00am, lunch around 12:00pm and dinner around 5:00pm. This habit was hard to break, but once I got into the swing of things, I no longer desired a snack in the afternoon or evening.

I try to drink enough water. I am going for 6 glasses a day because I do drink other liquids. It is important to spread it out through the day.

I also drink 4 glasses of green tea each day. Either hot or cold. Green tea helps me to feel full and it also has a chemical in it that helps the body burn calories.

I do a lot of walking every day. I also try to exercise 5 days per week by weight training.

I get a lot of support by using sites such as and

I keep track of my weight and my calorie intake on livestrong.coms daily plate. I am also in a weight loss dare there.

Weightwatchers is a great source for emotional support, recipes, diet tips and other weight loss information.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

How to Keep Your Kids Regular

How to Keep Your Kids Regular

Constipation can range from a mild case to extreme, needing to go to the hospital. I am not a doctor but, here are some tips I have learned from experience. Hopefully you can prevent it ahead of time.

PREVENTION - Prevention is the best medicine. To keep your kids regular, make sure they get enough exercise, water and eat a proper diet. Kids need to move for at least 1 1/2 hours per day. Running, jumping, climbing, and playing are sufficient. They also need to eat a nutritious diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, at least 5 servings per day. Keep count, otherwise you may just assume they had enough when they have not. Kids need plenty of water, but they do not need soda. A normal bowel movement should be soft, bulky and easy to pass. Hard or small movements can be a sign of trouble.

OCCASIONAL CONSTIPATION - An occasional bout of constipation can usually be cured by drinking plenty of water, eating an apple and exercising, if your child needs more help, call your doctor for advise. You can use an over the counter suppository, enema or fiber drink or cookie. You should not use these items regularly, only if needed. Your child should be able to have regular bowel movements without help.

ACUTE OR SEVERE CONSTIPATION - When normal measures do not work, your child may have an allergy or another problem. One thing to look into is Milk. After consulting your doctor, take your child off milk completely and see if that cures the problem. Substitute with soy or rice milk. Another thing to test (only test one thing at a time) is packaged meat products such as salami, bologna, etc. Keep up the normal measures of healthy diet, exercise and water, but also make sure that they have one apple per day. Most likely you will find that there is something in their diet causing the problem. If you can't find a culprit, consult your doctor for further testing.

Do your best to keep your kids regular because it can be very uncomfortable or even painful.

How to Find the Best Day to Get Pregnant

How to Find the Best Day to Get Pregnant

Once you're ready, you don't want to wait. Plan the best way to get pregnant the natural way.

BE HEALTHY - It makes it very difficult to get pregnant if you are not healthy. Proper diet and nutrition is essential. If you are not having regular periods, there may be some deficiencies in your health, diet or exercise. Talk to your doctor and get healthy. Regular, healthy periods are essential to a healthy body.

FOLIC ACID - All women of child bearing age should also take folic acid. It is a vitamin your body will need at the beginning stages of pregnancy before you even know you are pregnant.

CALCULATE - Mark down on your calendar when you have your period. Count 14 days from the first day of your last period. Mark that date on your calendar. The next three days after that are your most fertile days. You can get pregnant on other days of the month, but these are the most fertile for healthy women.

You will be able to get pregnant quickly if you follow this advice.

How to Feel Better Immediately

How to Feel Better Immediately

Just about everyone would like to feel better. There are small things in our daily lives to improve the way we feel. Some are noticeable right away. Over time these small things add up to feeling great most of the time.

GET A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP - Being tired can make the best of us cranky. Read the article below under "Resources" if you need help on falling asleep. Unless you function well with less sleep, try to get at least 8 hours or more per night.

LET IT ROLL - Do not dwell on your problems. Let them roll off of your back. Worrying about problems cannot help them. Worrying can do no good. Stress and worry can damage your body over time. If there are problems or issues that you need to address, set aside time to work on them. The rest of the time do not worry about them or think about them. Do not bring them up to other people. The good feeling that you get once you tell someone your problems is fleeting, later you will regret it. Do not dwell, especially if it is a problem that you can do nothing about.

TAKE B-12 - I, as you know, am not a doctor, but taking 2500 mcg of B-12 each morning, sure does boost my energy. Talk to your doctor if you are interested. They come in a lozenge form that you stick under your tongue and it slowly melts. Some people even get B 12 injections each week, I don't think you need to go that far.

DELETE NEGATIVITY - This means be nice even if you do not feel like it. Don't rain on other people's parades. Don't tell them you think they will fail. Put on a happy face.

EAT HEALTHY and EXERCISE - These are the standards. If you do not put the proper nutrition in your body, you will continually feel run down. See some articles below in "Resources" to help get you on the right track.

You will feel better immediately if you follow these tips.

How to Get to Sleep

How to Get to Sleep

Stress and worry can keep you up for hours. Sleep is just a blink away.

PREPARE - Teeth brushed, jammies on, comfortable bed, appropriate pillow, set yourself up for success.

DRINK MILK - It does not have to be warmed up to give the same sleep inducing effects. Even a small glass of cold milk can help prepare your body for sleep.

LAY in a relaxing position. Whether you are a back sleeper, side sleeper or stomach sleeper, should not deter you from falling asleep.

TIRE OUT YOUR MIND - It is usually my mind that keeps me up. It keeps going and won't stop. In order to stop it, I try to think of something complicated for my mind to work on, instead of dwelling on my problems. For example: I will think of a math calculation such as long division. My mind keeps trying to solve the equation, but because I am sleepy, I keep losing track of where I am in the problem and I have to start over again. I have never come to the correct answer to the problem, I am asleep before that. You may want to go through the times tables in your mind. Or try to solve a larger problem

SOLVE ANY DIFFICULTIES - If you are experiencing physical pain, a cold or allergies, take the appropriate medications recommended by your doctor prior to trying to sleep.

How to Soothe Sore Breasts

How to Soothe Sore Breasts

I believe prevention works best. See steps 5,6 and 7 for prevention techniques.

NIPPLE SHIELD - This could possibly be the best way to prevent and relieve sore breasts because you are actually putting a physical barrier in place. If you don't know where to get one, ask your doctor or breastfeeding advisor. The nipple shield also helps if the baby is not suckling properly.

LANOLIN - Lanolin based products such as Lansinoh work wonders. Use as directed on the package. You can also use it for dry skin and chapped lips.

ICE CUBES - I have had moments where I literally had to freeze my nipples with ice cubes before attaching my baby. It does give a lot of relief.

SEATING - Make sure you are sitting up straight and bring the baby up to your breasts. This may require several pillows. I like to use the u shaped pillow and then put additional pillows underneath it to bring the baby to breast level.

ATTACHMENT - If you are having difficulty attaching, try gently squeezing the babies lips together so they look like "fish lips". Then push your nipple against the bottom lip as you are attaching them.

DETACHING -This can be very painful if not done right. Stick your finger in the corner of the babies mouth to release the suction grip.

How to Lose Your Love Handles

How to Lose Your Love Handles

If you are like me, your love handles are there for a reason. What you really need is a lifestyle change to make sure they do not come back.

CLEAN OUT THAT KITCHEN - Please look under resources below on tips for a Healthy Kitchen. Rid your kitchen of all of it's evils. No products with high fructose corn syrup, no products with partially hydrogenated oils. Throw it all out.

RESTOCK - Stock your kitchen with healthy food that you can eat a lot of, such as blueberries, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, sweet potatoes, steel cut oats, sprouted wheat bread, brown rice and corn tortillas.

GET MOVING - Clean, garden, reorganize your house, play with your kids and start walking each day. You can start out slow, walking 5-10 minutes. Work yourself up to 60 minutes per day. Add in crunches and weight training.

CONCENTRATED EXERCISE - There are many different kinds of abdominal exercises that can help. Double crunches, crunches, reverse crunches, you'll feel it!

KEEP UP THE POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE - You can do it, I know that and you know that, you just need to do it. Create and use a personal mantra to keep you going. Say it to yourself often. For example: I know I can!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How to Calm a Fussy Baby

How to Calm a Fussy Baby

Show her/him the picture of the green sea turtle. Just kidding! If a baby fusses for too long it can be a grueling experience. Try some of these ideas that have worked for me.

BOIL RICE - After you have it boiling, skim some of the water off the top and let it cool. Once it has reached room temperature, give it to the baby in a bottle. This works if they have an upset stomach or gas.

HOLD THEM - While dancing gently and signing soft nursery rhymes in their ear. My son loved this when he was a baby, the only problem was that he never wanted me to put him down or sit down!

LAY them on your chest. Babies, especially the tiny ones, love to lay on your chest.

FANS - Babies love the soothing sound of a fan for some reason, I do not know why. Put them near a fan so that it is not blowing directly on them. Supervise, you don't want them to touch it!

If they will not calm down, strip them down and check their entire body, there just might be something bothering them. Once a piece of lint string had wrapped around my sons toe inside his pajamas. Have they pooped yet today, that is always something to consider. And of course, have they eaten recently, remember don't let them get too hungry or tired or you will have a fussy baby.

How to Get Motivated to Lose Weight

How to Get Motivated to Lose Weight

I know the hardest part is getting started. Preparing yourself will make it easier.

MENTAL CONTROL -You can control yourself by controlling your thoughts. Tell yourself that you can have whatever you want to eat, but you are choosing not to eat it right now. Tell yourself that you will exercise right now to get it done with for the day.

PREPARE YOUR HOME - Have lots of healthy, easy to eat snacks available. Such as blackberries, grapes, carrots, apples. Buy yourself a cute workout outfit, even if you are bulging out of it like I am, you will feel more empowered to workout with it on.

PREPARE YOUR BODY - Drink 5 or more cups of green tea a day to help you feel full and burn more calories.

BABY STEPS - It is fine to start out small. Even a 5 minute walk is a workout and you can gradually increase it and add more such as weight training.

MUSIC - Have music that you love to move to easily available so that you can turn it on instantly when you are ready to workout.

IF YOU HAVE A SETBACK - Don't let it set you back. Keep moving forward. That should be your mantra. Keep moving forward!

Monday, March 23, 2009

How to Live Longer

How to Live Longer

Numerous longevity studies keep coming up with the same results. There are many things you can do to increase your longevity. Most centenarians have many things in common.

SOCIAL RELATIONSHIPS - People that live more than 100 years have a strong set of social relationships. They are not sent to old age homes but still live in their own homes or with their relatives. Some of them still work each day or play a vital role volunteering for their community.

LET IT GO - Centenarians do not hold on to bad feelings. They let things roll of their back so to speak. They do not hold grudges. And most importantly they forgive.

VEGETARIANS - Studies have shown that some people that live the longest, live in vegetarian communities.

DRINK GREEN TEA - Scientist don't even know all of the wonderful properties of green tea yet. It seems to help the body burn calories, prevents diseases and boosts your immune system.

DO FOR OTHERS - Another common trait among centenarians is their good deeds. Volunteering or helping others in a variety of different ways throughout their lifetimes.

Learn how to live longer and you will.

How to Stimulate your Special Needs Child's Brain

How to Stimulate your Special Needs Child's Brain

Fun and easy activities to do with your special child.

WHEELBARROW - Have your child place their hands on the floor while you lift up their feet. Have them walk on their hands. This is great fun if you can have a wheelbarrow race.

FIGURE 8 - Place two objects 10 feet apart on the floor. Have your child walk in the pattern of a figure eight for 5-10 or until they are no longer interested.

BEAN BAG TOSS - Toss a bean bag back a forth with your child while you are both standing approximately 3 feet apart. Gradually back up if they are doing well.

CAN ROLL - Have your child sit at a table and roll a can (full soup can) from one hand to the other. The can should roll at least 3 feet across the table to the child's other hand.

BEAN BAG HAND OFF - Have your child stand with his/her arms out to their sides (like a cross). Place a bean bag or ball in one hand. Have them move their hands together in front of themselves and pass the bean bag to their other hand. Have them return their arms out to the cross position and then repeat, passing the object back to the first hand.

Hide Cauliflower in Your Child's Food

Hide Cauliflower in Your Child's Food

Cauliflower has such a mild taste that your kids will not even notice it.

PREPARE THE CAULIFLOWER - Steam the cauliflower and then mash it up with a potato masher. You can freeze or refrigerate any extra you may have. You will only be able to camouflage a small amount, possible a 1/4 cup in your child's food.

BAKED POTATO - Prepare your potato by baking in the oven until soft or in the microwave. Mash the potato while still in the skin. Add in butter and salt to taste. Then add in as much mashed cauliflower as possible without it becoming noticeable.

RICE - Prepare your rice as per the package instructions. I prefer brown rice, it's healthier. Mix in some mashed cauliflower. My kids like ketchup or soy sauce on their rice, which further camouflages the cauliflower.

OATMEAL - Prepare the oatmeal. Preferably steel cut oats. You can make a big pot at the beginning of the week and refrigerate it. Heat up only what you need each day. Mix in some of the mashed cauliflower, try for approximately 25% of the meal. If your child will eat cauliflower without the above camouflages it is best. Try cooking it in a lot of butter or cheese to make it pleasing.

Get the good stuff in their tummies any way you can and if that means that you have to hide cauliflower in your children's food than so be it.

How to Reduce your Double Chin

How to Reduce your Double Chin

Some of us may not even realize we have a double chin. If you suspect you have one, look in the mirror sideways, you'll get glimpse if there is one there.

GENERAL GOOD HEALTH - If you change your lifestyle, begin eating healthy, exercising regularly and stop eating junk food, you will lose that double chin naturally. All though this is my best choice, I realize that it is a difficult one. For some, even after weight loss, there is still excess skin that needs to be removed by another method.

EXERCISE THE CHIN - Huh? Exactly! I know there are those out there that recommend exercising your chin to remove it, this sounds absolutely ludicrous to me. Step One is the clear winner here.

DISSOLVING THE FAT - Now this one may be plausible. Talk to your doctor about the details, but I hear that it requires multiple doctor visits and injections. You may want to ask about the success rate and if the fat comes back easily.

ULTRASOUND - I am not a doctor so it sounds good to me. I still prefer Step One over this other methods. Question your doctor thoroughly about this method.

CHIN WRAP - Oh, please. I should just wrap this thing around my double chin and it will eliminate it! If you want a good fantasy, go to Disneyland it will be cheaper.

COSMETIC SURGERY - I am sure this works, but the risks seem awfully high for something that you can do at home with diet and exercise. No we are back to reality. If you really want to lose that chin, start taking better care of yourself. Read my other articles on healthy weight loss.

If you are determined you will reduce your double chin.

Lose 1 Pound

If we understand the dynamics of losing one pound we can make a better plan for even more weight loss.

To lose one pound you will need to create a deficit of 3,500 calories. This is probably why doctors recommend losing only 2 pounds per week because that would equal a deficit of 7,000 calories per week which works out to be about 1,000 calories per day.

It is hard to reduce your calories by 1,000 per day but it can be done.

First you will need to estimate how many calories you take in now. I like to track my daily calories at which will soon become They have all of the foods and nutrition statements available that you will need.

Next you will need to make a plan to reduce your calories. How many pounds do you want to lose in one week. Because doctors recommend losing no more than 2 pounds per week we will go with that example, but you may have a different plan for yourself after talking to your doctor.

For our example we will start with an estimated calorie intake of 2,200 per day. We will subtract 1,000 per day leaving just 1,200 calories per day.

1,200 calories per day can easily be accomplished if you are determined. Plan out how many calories you will eat at each meal. Breakfast and lunch should have more calories than dinner. It is good to eat bread or drink a glass of milk with each meal to help you feel full so that you can make it to your next meal, of course you still have to count the calories for those items. I also drink plenty of water and green tea in between meals. Green tea helps you to feel full and helps your body burn calories.

Can I eat more calories? Yes, you can if you exercise. You can calculate how many calories you have burned and then eat those calories. Exercise is another thing that you can track at The website will also help you determine how many calories you have burned.

Good luck. I know you can do it.

Start A Fitness Program

Start A Fitness Program

It is never too late to start an exercise program. Whether you are 18 or 98, exercise is good for everyone, it is one of the few things that increases your life expectancy.

START EASY - Start walking. I recommend 10 minutes per day for beginners. Gradually increase your walking until you are walking 45-60 minutes per day. Walk briskly if you can, but any movement helps.

INCREASE GRADUALLY - Once you have increased your walking to at least 45 minutes per day, add a simple weight training program 3 days per week.

FIND AN EXERCISE AND NUTRITION PROGRAM - There are many programs, such as fit for life. You can look them up on the internet and follow their nutritional and fitness programs for free. Magazines such as Muscle and Fitness also have free nutritional and fitness programs.

PROPER NUTRITION - Good nutrition is essential. Stock up on fruits and veggies, whole grains and fish. Whey protein can be used to give your body the extra protein needed when you are exercising your muscles.

Get motivated and start your own fitness program today.

Improve your Child's Grades

Improve your Child's Grades

I have started with the basics of a healthy diet and exercise, just in case it is needed.

GOOD NUTRITION - If your child's nutrition has slipped away from you, now is the time to get it under control. A healthy diet is essential to proper brain function and energy. Make sure your child is getting a balanced diet of carbohydrates, protein, calcium, fiber and fat. A supplemental vitamin is also beneficial. Have plenty of easy to eat fruits and vegetables on hand. Remember an apple a day!

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY - Children need at least 1 1/2 hrs. of physical activity each day. Walking, playing catch, dancing, climbing, bike riding. Make sure they get what they need. The brain is really tuned in after physical activity, so try to plan homework right after a physical activity.

SPEND TIME WITH YOUR CHILD - Review the work they are doing daily, make sure you understand what is expected of them at school. Don't take their word for it when it comes to homework. Look at their work or ask the teacher to give you updates. Many teachers use handy online homework schedules that you can follow.

FLASH CARDS - The are portable (practice in the car) and they can be used for most subjects. Have a stack of index cards handy to make your own flash cards when needed. If it is age appropriate, your child can make the flash cards for themselves.

BREAK IT DOWN INTO SIMPLE STEPS - If your child says they don't understand, try breaking down the problem into smaller, simpler steps.

GET TO THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM - If your child is having difficulty in long division, the problem may be that they have not memorized their times table. Have them do the problem in front of you, so that you can see where the difficulty arises. Sometimes, sight or hearing problems can affect their school work and are easily correctable. Make sure they have a regular (yearly) check up at the doctor and tell the doctor about any learning difficulties they are having (in private).

WHEN TO USE PROFESSIONALS - 1. If you can afford it. 2. If they are strict. (Don't let them waste your time or your child's time. 3. If you are not making any progress.

Don't give up, keep trying until you resolve the issue because it is very important to their future that you improve your childs grades.

Stimulate your Child's Brain

Stimulate your Child's Brain

With video games and televisions everywhere, child can always use a good diversion that benefits their brains.

CROSSWORDS, WORD SEARCHES, ETC. - You can find word puzzles for children as young as 1st grade. They can be taken anywhere, kids love the challenge and they are good for everyone's brain whether you are 8 or 98.

I SPY GAME - This one only needs another person. One person says I spy with my little eye something .... (gives a descriptive word) and the other persons tries to guess it. Easy to use with all ages.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY - Sports, dancing, playgrounds, climbing, walking, running, etc. Play catch. All physical movement benefits children. Have them walk up stairs (holding on to the railing) and then walk back down backwards.

LAUGHTER - It is the best medicine. The best thing you can do for your child is to make them laugh everyday.

Just be active everyday and you will stimulate your child's brain more than you know.

How to Potty Train a Special Needs Child

How to Potty Train a Special Needs Child

If you have a special needs child, you know this will be challenging, but eventually it will work.

NEVER ANY NEGATIVITY - Never, no matter how gross the situation, you do not want to mix going to the potty with bad feelings, anger or disappointment.

TAKE OFF THE DIAPER - Your child needs to feel when they are wet or soiled. For many children, especially girls (I don't know why), once they feel wet clothes they never want to feel it again.

HAVE THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT - A potty chair is a must, you cannot expect them to climb up and hold on. Your child needs to be able to place their feet flat on the floor as they are going potty. As they get older, a padded seat that fits on top of the toilet and a step stool is a great transition from potty chair to regular toilet.

HAVE A POTTY PARTY - This means staying in the bathroom for as long as it takes. If you stay in the bathroom with your child, reading to them or playing games, as soon as they need to go, you can get them on the potty quickly. You can also do this in another room of your house if you have a portable potty chair. The idea is to be right on top of the moment. Prime them with lots of water. If they do not want to drink, offer them a snack or candy and give a sip of water after every treat. This worked with my son, I gave him an m & m for every sip of water.

HELPFUL TIPS - Try turning on the faucet or filling a cup of water and pouring it into the potty as they are sitting on it.

REWARD - Have a favorite treat handy in the bathroom as a reward. Gradually phase out the reward as they become more consistent.

ACCIDENTS - If your child has an accident, go back to step 4. If they have soiled their pants, take it to the bathroom and have them flush it down.

If you stick with it you will have greater success in potty training your special needs child.

How to Potty Train a Child

How to Potty Train a Child

You will know when they are ready. I have a neice and nephew that were trained around 1 year, so if you have been putting it off, now is the time.

NEVER ANY NEGATIVITY - Never, no matter how gross the situation, you do not want to mix going to the potty with bad feelings, anger or disappointment.

TAKE OFF THE DIAPER - Your child needs to feel when they are wet or soiled. For many children, especially girls (I don't know why), once they feel wet clothes they never want to feel it again.

HAVE THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT - A potty chair is a must, you cannot expect them to climb up and hold on. Your child needs to be able to place their feet flat on the floor as they are going potty. As they get older, a padded seat that fits on top of the toilet and a step stool is a great transition from potty chair to regular toilet.

TAKE YOUR CHILD TO THE POTTY MULTIPLE TIMES - 9 times in a row is a good place to start. Take them to the potty, have them pull their pants down and sit. Have them pull their pants up, leave the bathroom and repeat.

DO NOT FLUSH THE TOILET WHILE YOUR CHILD IS SITTING ON IT, it scares them! REWARD - Have a favorite treat handy in the bathroom as a reward. Gradually phase out the reward as they become more consistent.

ACCIDENTS - If your child has an accident, go back to step 4. If they have soiled their pants, take it to the bathroom and have them flush it down.

Stick with it and you will be able to potty train your child in no time.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

How to Get a Flat Belly

How to Get a Flat Belly

That flat belly will come with an overhaul of your entire body. Regular exercise (even in small amounts) and eating healthy will help you to achieve this goal.

EAT HEALTHY - Don't eat anything that has high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils. High fructose corn syrup bypasses your body' s normal processing system and goes straight to your blood stream. This increases your chances of obesity and diabetes. Have a lot of healthy food on hand so that it is easy for you to eat healthy. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains. You are worth it!

EXERCISE REGULARLY - Even if you have to start out small, 5 minutes of walking, it does make a difference. Gradually increase the amount of time to 45-60 minutes of walking per day. That's right, every day! Then start a weight lifting program.

CONCENTRATE - Working on your abs will help. There are many different kinds of crunches you can do so you don't get bored. Double crunches, reverse crunches, etc. Also, tightening up your abs can be done anywhere at anytime. I tighten up my abs while driving and try to hold it for as long as possible. It really does help.

GET SUPPORT - Track your progress online at sites like and It is great to support others while helping yourself.

Keep up the good work and you will have a flat belly in no time.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How to Burn Calories drinking Green Tea

Green Tea has natural properties that help you feel full and help your body burn more fat.

Green tea is filled with catechin polyphenols, chemicals that act both as an antioxidant and as a metabolism (fat burning) booster. Green tea has about 27 percent catechins, while black tea (orange pekoe) has just 4 percent. Catechin polyphenols are natural chemicals that increase the amount of fat that your body burns.

Drink at least 5 cups of green tea a day. Green tea can be counted as you daily water intake. The tea will help you feel full and help your body burn fat. Tea Bags vs. Loose Tea - You may want to start using tea bags for ease of use.

However, eventually, you may want to switch to loose tea which is higher quality. A good green tea, such as sencha can be steeped 2-3 times, so although it costs more, you can use it more.

How to Lower Bad LDL Cholesterol

Lowering your bad LDL Cholesterol can save your life.

EXERCISE - Daily exercise is crucial, even in small amounts. Start by walking 10 minutes per day. Gradually increase your time until you are walking 60 minutes per day. Add weight training three times a week. Start with 5 lb. dumbells, slowly increasing the number of exercises you do each day. Over time you can increase the weight of the dumbells.

EAT HEALTHY - Load up on fruits and vegetables. Keep fruit and vegetables handy so that you are encouraged to eat them. Start eating steel cut oats. Whole oats can lower your LDL bad cholesterol, keep your arteries clean and help you lose weight by making you feel full longer.

CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE - Out with the bad, in with the good. Have a positive mental outlook. Fill your life with good, healthy relationships. Rid yourself of any bad habits, such as smoking.

RAISE GOOD HDL CHOLESTEROL - Good diet, exercise and positive mental attitude can help, but the best way to raise your good cholesterol is to eat fish, olive oil, almonds and avocados weekly and in small portions.

Monday, March 16, 2009

How to Stop Overeating

You can control your urges with these helpful tips. Your life is worth it, do it for yourself.

MENTAL CONTROL - You can control your overeating by telling yourself that you can have the food if you want it, but you do not want to eat it now.

DRINK LOTS OF WATER - Drink the recommended amount of 8 glasses of water per day, spacing them out throughout the day. This will help you to feel full.

DRINK GREEN TEA - Green tea can count towards your daily water intake. It helps you feel full and in addition it helps burn fat.

DISTRACTION - Keep yourself very busy. Make a list of things that need to be done or things you like to do. When you have a desire to eat, do something on your list instead.

LOAD UP ON GOOD STUFF - Before each meal, eat an apple or other fruit or vegetable. I like to eat a cup of salad before lunch and dinner and an apple before breakfast.

SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS - Load up your refrigerator with easy to eat healthy snacks, such as blueberries, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, etc.

How to Lose Weight without Starving Yourself

Eat while you lose weight.

Make a list of healty foods that you can eat as much as you want. Such as water, just kidding. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains, such as baby carrots, celery, avocados, apples, oranges, blueberries, steel cut oatmeal, rice cakes. Allow yourself to eat as much as you want of the foods on your list. Steel cut oatmeal moves slowly through your digestive system and helps you to feel full longer.

Drink plenty of liquids including water and green tea. Green tea helps your body metabolize (burn) fat. I recommend at least 5 cups of green tea per day. NOT SWEETENED!

MOVE - Keep yourself moving even if it is not "exercise". Walk as much as you can. Park your car as far away from the store or bank as possible so that you can maximize your exercise. Even if you start out walking only 1 minute per day, you can slowly increase the amount until you are walking 45-60 minutes per day.

Have your favorite snacks available, but do not eat them. Remember, if it tastes good, spit it out! Choose not to eat them right now. Keep yourself busy, distraction is the best method to reduce eating.

How to Raise Good HDL Cholesterol

Just as important as lowering bad LDL cholesterol, is raising your good HDL cholesterol.

Listed below are the only four foods known to help raise good HDL cholesterol. There are other things that you can do to help, such as daily exercise, eating healthy (lots of fruits and veggies, especially garlic) and having a positive mental outlook.

FISH - Eating fish, especially wild caught salmon can help raise your good cholesterol levels. Fish are loaded with essential oils, such as Omega 3's, that are hard to find anywhere else. Eat fish at least 3 times a week.

OLIVE OIL - Even though it is an oil, it is still very good for you in small portions. The olive oil should be fresh and uncooked. Try extra virgin for the best taste.

ALMONDS - A small amount of almonds per day can help raise your good HDL cholesterol. It is best to eat unprocessed almonds with no salt or flavoring.

AVOCADOS - Possibly the best food available for your body, avocados also help raise your good HDL cholesterol. Eat fresh, uncooked avocados for the best health benefits.

How to Quit Smoking

Quit smoking once and for all! You can do it!

MIND CONTROL - Tell yourself that you can have a cigarette, but you do not want to have one right now. Carry a pack of cigarettes with you in your pocket or purse. You may need to do this for up to one year or until you are comfortable that you will never smoke again.

SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS - Research and use a nicotine craving reducer such as a patch or gum. This will help with your cravings. Slowly reduce use as recommended by manufacturer.

USE LOW CALORIE DISTRACTORS - Chewing gum is an excellent way to distract yourself from smoking. You may also want to brush your teeth often. Low calorie, healthy snacking can help, try baby carrots, etc.

REMOVE SMOKE ODOR - Wash all your clothing and bedding. Air out your car and home. You will need to rid all areas of smoke smell.

AVOID SMOKING FRIENDS - Absolutely do not try to hang out with friends or family members that smoke. Surround yourself with non smokers.

How to Break a Bad Habit

No matter what your vice, you can control it without feeling the loss. Set yourself up for success by utilizing these easy tips.

MENTAL CONTROL - Never tell yourself you cannot have something (food, cigarettes, etc.) Always tell yourself you can have it, but you are choosing not to have it right now. For example, in the grocery store, I walk right past the salami and tell myself that I will buy it next time. Then I focus on what is on my list. If you are trying to beat cigarettes, keep a pack in your shirt pocket or purse. Know that you do not need to have one. You have control of yourself.

FORGE NEW PATHWAYS IN YOUR BRAIN - Stop yourself right in the beginning. As soon as you have the urge, stop and busy yourself with something else that you like to do or need to do. Make lists of things that you can distract yourself with, just in case you can't think of anything at the moment. For example, phone calls that you need to make, exercise, planning a party, etc.

AVOID THE BAD INFLUENCES - You may need to permanently rid yourself of some of your so called friends. You can live without them. Psychologically drop yourself in a new city and begin making new friends. Join some clubs or groups (bunko, book clubs, dance clubs, etc.) Completely cut out the old friends, later you will realize that the only thing you had in common was your bad habit.

STOP FEELING SORRY FOR YOURSELF - No matter what your lot in life there is someone out there that has it worse than you, so no whining. As a matter of fact do not talk about the vice your are giving up. Put it in your past. Do not dwell on it. If someone asks you about it, just say that you quit and that it was easy and you don't even think about it anymore.

If you fall off the wagon, get back up immediately, do not dwell on your mistake. Start again and forget that you ever made a mistake. You can do it!

How to be the Biggest Weight Loser

How to be the Biggest Weight Loser

Losing weight does not need to be strenuous. With these easy tips you will lose as much as you want within weeks. Two pounds a week is safe, but you should always check with your doctor before any weightloss program. You can do it.

MENTAL CONTROL - Do not tell yourself that you are on a diet. Tell yourself that you can eat anything you want, but you are just not choosing to eat it now.

DRINK GREEN TEA - Not only will drinking green tea give you the water intake, but it will also give you a full feeling and help your body to burn fat. I recommend a minimum of 5 cups of green tea per day. Remember to drink the equivalent of 8 glasses of water per day or the amount recommended by your doctor.

FOOD SUCCESS - Set yourself up for success by making healthy, nutritional food easily available. By fruit and vegetables in convenient, easy to eat packages, such as apples, blueberries, bananas, baby carrots, etc. Also remember to have plenty on hand so that you can easily eat 5+ servings per day. Eat your veggies at the beginning of each meal so that you feel full sooner. Eat steel cut oats in the morning to give you a fuller feeling all day long.

EXERCISE ENJOYABLE - Exercise everyday even if you need to start with just 1 minute per day. Start by walking. Gradually increase the amount you walk each week until you are walking 45-60 minutes per day. Next add weight lifting slowly and researching it properly with your doctor before you begin. Even if you start out with 1 lb. weights, it will make a difference and you can slowly increase the weight amount.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Is Asbestos the Only Thing that Causes Mesothelioma?

Is Asbestos the Only Thing that Causes Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is caused by exposure to asbestos. It is not known how much or for how prolonged a period is required before you are at risk for Mesothelioma.

Many people that were exposed to asbestos earlier in the century have already died, from mesothelioma or another cause. Since asbestos has been outlawed for many years, there is not normally an exposure problem at this time.

There are still many buildings and structures that have asbestos in the building materials. This is not necessarily dangerous until the building or structure is modified or torn down. When the asbestos is exposed, touched or moved, it emits more particles for the victim to breathe causing many lung problems including Mesothelioma.

Is New Lasik Eye Surgery Right For Me?

Is New Lasik Eye Surgery Right For Me?

I have had lasik surgery on both of my eyes. For me it was a no brainer because my eyesight was so poor in one eye that I was literally legally blind. You are legally blind if you cannot see the large E on the eye chart. When they showed me the eye chart, I could only see a light blurb.

I was still nervous about the surgery, so I decided to have only one eye done. I first had my right eye done because the sight was worse in that eye. The consultation to meet with the doctor was free. I had the surgery done in Hayward, California, but I believe the doctor I used has now moved. I was nervous during the proceedure, but it was very fast and easy. Your eye is completely numb so you cannot feel anything. They ask you to concentrate on staring at a red light. It is important that you keep looking at that light.

After the procedure you just want to sleep. They gave me some pain killers (vicodin) and eye drops but I did not need the pain killers for more than one day, because the pain goes away quickly. It just kind of stings, the pain is not very bad. You will then need to put eye drops in for a few weeks and have a few follow up appointments with your lasik doctor.

I was so happy with the results that I eventually had the lasik procedure done on my other eye.

There are risks, such as blindness, but that is very rare and I figure that even if they screw up on one eye, they can't screw up on both. Well may be then can but it is not likely.

I highly recommend lasik eye surgery, research the doctors in you area and get referrals from friends.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Protect Your Child From the Risk of Autism

As the parent of an autistic child, I have researched and researched all the information about autism, every crazy theory, every crazy therapy. We have tried everything suggested by experts.

We remember back to our son before he was diagnosed. Happy go lucky little boy that was very outgoing, made excellent eye contact and was very curious. Immediately following his 18 month immunizations he became withdrawn, stopped talking and seemed almost depressed as we describe it. We did not get a diagnosis for almost a year later.

The doctor assured us that his immunizations did not contain mercury. Mercury is not the culprit, but the immunizations are. Immunizations make brains swell up. We believe this swelling caused brain damage.

We believe in getting immunizations, however, we think that they should not be given in large quantities like the doctors want to do. Have your children get their immunizations one at a time. Each shot has multiple immunizations in it, so one shot at a time is enough.

If you want to reduce the risk of your child getting autism, demand to have only one immunization at a time. The doctor will fight you on this. It is a hassle to come back to the doctors office multiple times, but the additional visits are quick. You can just run in with your child and meet briefly with the nurse to receive another immunization.

From my experience I do not think that children should receive any immunizations before 6 months of age.

Each additional immunizations should be spread months apart, 2 weeks apart at a minimum.

Fight the doctor, it is worth your childs life.

New Sensory Items For Autism and Others

My autistic son would just love most of these items. The pyschedelic color therapy looks awesome. He would love to look at this type of art and possibly participate in making some.
The padded chair may look scary to some people, but my son would absolutely go crazy over this sort of thing. He loves to get inside things. I would have a difficult time getting him out of it.
The egg chair looks similar to something we already have. We have an egg shaped chair from Ikea. It closes, but not a solid door. A cloth light weight almost see through cloth expands and closes. It also spins around. All my children love this chair.
The cloud tent (room) is awesome for adults or kids. If you need some time to think about something or relax, this space will give you a quiet and peaceful place. My autistic son would love this one too. He loves tents.
I don't know if my son would like the Chromotherapy shower, but I know a lot of adults that would love it, how cool.
The full body rocking lounger is so awesome. Who would not love this chair. I know my son would love it too.
The bottom photo is of an air purifier with mood lights, it is awesome. My autistic son would definitely love this item.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Eating Tips for Diabetics

Eating Tips for Diabetics
Almost 21 million people in the United States have diabetes. Managing diabetes requires looking at both diet, exercise and medication. For many type 2 diabetics, managing diet and exercising means no insulin or medication. Diet and exercise are absolutely crucial. If you are diabetic or you have a friend or a loved one that has diabetes, understanding nutrition is essential.

Always consult your doctor before you make any changes in your diet.

Never cut out all carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are essential for the energy your body needs. Talk to your doctor about the balance of carbohydrates in your body.

Never skip meals. Plan meals and have them within 30 minutes of your scheduled time. Skipping meals can be very dangerous to your blood glucose levels.

If you are feeling tired or run down, check your blood sugar level. Never assume that your blood sugar is too high or too low. Always test.

Limit your intake of processed foods and sweets. You can tell when foods are processed because their ingredient list is very long. Focus on eating whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lean meats.

Do not drink liquids that are high in sugar such as soda, fruit juice or coffee or tea with sugar. Drink water primarily.

Always ask your healthcare provider for diet tips. Test your blood sugar levels before and after each meal.

Diabetics Protect Your Kidneys

At least 180,000 people in the United States are living with kidney failure brought on by diabetes. 48,000 more diabetics are diagnosed with kidney failure each year. Kidney failure is a potentially life threatening diagnoses. Black Americans have an increased risk of getting diabetes. Most diabetics do not realize that they are at increased risk for getting kidney failure. This lack of information puts your life at risk.

Most people do not know that in the beginning stages of kidney failure, they feel fine. Early detection is crucial to prevent kidney damage and function. Dr. Joseph Vassalotti, M.D., chief medical officer of the National Kidney Foundation states that "Symptoms appear late".

Early symptoms which are not exclusive to kidney failure are: ankle swelling, fatigue, sleep disorders, restless legs or early morning nausea.

Talk to your doctor about your kidneys and ways to keep yourself away from this risk.