Monday, March 23, 2009

Improve your Child's Grades

Improve your Child's Grades

I have started with the basics of a healthy diet and exercise, just in case it is needed.

GOOD NUTRITION - If your child's nutrition has slipped away from you, now is the time to get it under control. A healthy diet is essential to proper brain function and energy. Make sure your child is getting a balanced diet of carbohydrates, protein, calcium, fiber and fat. A supplemental vitamin is also beneficial. Have plenty of easy to eat fruits and vegetables on hand. Remember an apple a day!

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY - Children need at least 1 1/2 hrs. of physical activity each day. Walking, playing catch, dancing, climbing, bike riding. Make sure they get what they need. The brain is really tuned in after physical activity, so try to plan homework right after a physical activity.

SPEND TIME WITH YOUR CHILD - Review the work they are doing daily, make sure you understand what is expected of them at school. Don't take their word for it when it comes to homework. Look at their work or ask the teacher to give you updates. Many teachers use handy online homework schedules that you can follow.

FLASH CARDS - The are portable (practice in the car) and they can be used for most subjects. Have a stack of index cards handy to make your own flash cards when needed. If it is age appropriate, your child can make the flash cards for themselves.

BREAK IT DOWN INTO SIMPLE STEPS - If your child says they don't understand, try breaking down the problem into smaller, simpler steps.

GET TO THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM - If your child is having difficulty in long division, the problem may be that they have not memorized their times table. Have them do the problem in front of you, so that you can see where the difficulty arises. Sometimes, sight or hearing problems can affect their school work and are easily correctable. Make sure they have a regular (yearly) check up at the doctor and tell the doctor about any learning difficulties they are having (in private).

WHEN TO USE PROFESSIONALS - 1. If you can afford it. 2. If they are strict. (Don't let them waste your time or your child's time. 3. If you are not making any progress.

Don't give up, keep trying until you resolve the issue because it is very important to their future that you improve your childs grades.

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