Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Sensory Items For Autism and Others

My autistic son would just love most of these items. The pyschedelic color therapy looks awesome. He would love to look at this type of art and possibly participate in making some.
The padded chair may look scary to some people, but my son would absolutely go crazy over this sort of thing. He loves to get inside things. I would have a difficult time getting him out of it.
The egg chair looks similar to something we already have. We have an egg shaped chair from Ikea. It closes, but not a solid door. A cloth light weight almost see through cloth expands and closes. It also spins around. All my children love this chair.
The cloud tent (room) is awesome for adults or kids. If you need some time to think about something or relax, this space will give you a quiet and peaceful place. My autistic son would love this one too. He loves tents.
I don't know if my son would like the Chromotherapy shower, but I know a lot of adults that would love it, how cool.
The full body rocking lounger is so awesome. Who would not love this chair. I know my son would love it too.
The bottom photo is of an air purifier with mood lights, it is awesome. My autistic son would definitely love this item.



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