Monday, March 23, 2009

How to Reduce your Double Chin

How to Reduce your Double Chin

Some of us may not even realize we have a double chin. If you suspect you have one, look in the mirror sideways, you'll get glimpse if there is one there.

GENERAL GOOD HEALTH - If you change your lifestyle, begin eating healthy, exercising regularly and stop eating junk food, you will lose that double chin naturally. All though this is my best choice, I realize that it is a difficult one. For some, even after weight loss, there is still excess skin that needs to be removed by another method.

EXERCISE THE CHIN - Huh? Exactly! I know there are those out there that recommend exercising your chin to remove it, this sounds absolutely ludicrous to me. Step One is the clear winner here.

DISSOLVING THE FAT - Now this one may be plausible. Talk to your doctor about the details, but I hear that it requires multiple doctor visits and injections. You may want to ask about the success rate and if the fat comes back easily.

ULTRASOUND - I am not a doctor so it sounds good to me. I still prefer Step One over this other methods. Question your doctor thoroughly about this method.

CHIN WRAP - Oh, please. I should just wrap this thing around my double chin and it will eliminate it! If you want a good fantasy, go to Disneyland it will be cheaper.

COSMETIC SURGERY - I am sure this works, but the risks seem awfully high for something that you can do at home with diet and exercise. No we are back to reality. If you really want to lose that chin, start taking better care of yourself. Read my other articles on healthy weight loss.

If you are determined you will reduce your double chin.

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