Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How to Calm a Fussy Baby

How to Calm a Fussy Baby

Show her/him the picture of the green sea turtle. Just kidding! If a baby fusses for too long it can be a grueling experience. Try some of these ideas that have worked for me.

BOIL RICE - After you have it boiling, skim some of the water off the top and let it cool. Once it has reached room temperature, give it to the baby in a bottle. This works if they have an upset stomach or gas.

HOLD THEM - While dancing gently and signing soft nursery rhymes in their ear. My son loved this when he was a baby, the only problem was that he never wanted me to put him down or sit down!

LAY them on your chest. Babies, especially the tiny ones, love to lay on your chest.

FANS - Babies love the soothing sound of a fan for some reason, I do not know why. Put them near a fan so that it is not blowing directly on them. Supervise, you don't want them to touch it!

If they will not calm down, strip them down and check their entire body, there just might be something bothering them. Once a piece of lint string had wrapped around my sons toe inside his pajamas. Have they pooped yet today, that is always something to consider. And of course, have they eaten recently, remember don't let them get too hungry or tired or you will have a fussy baby.

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