Friday, March 13, 2009

Is New Lasik Eye Surgery Right For Me?

Is New Lasik Eye Surgery Right For Me?

I have had lasik surgery on both of my eyes. For me it was a no brainer because my eyesight was so poor in one eye that I was literally legally blind. You are legally blind if you cannot see the large E on the eye chart. When they showed me the eye chart, I could only see a light blurb.

I was still nervous about the surgery, so I decided to have only one eye done. I first had my right eye done because the sight was worse in that eye. The consultation to meet with the doctor was free. I had the surgery done in Hayward, California, but I believe the doctor I used has now moved. I was nervous during the proceedure, but it was very fast and easy. Your eye is completely numb so you cannot feel anything. They ask you to concentrate on staring at a red light. It is important that you keep looking at that light.

After the procedure you just want to sleep. They gave me some pain killers (vicodin) and eye drops but I did not need the pain killers for more than one day, because the pain goes away quickly. It just kind of stings, the pain is not very bad. You will then need to put eye drops in for a few weeks and have a few follow up appointments with your lasik doctor.

I was so happy with the results that I eventually had the lasik procedure done on my other eye.

There are risks, such as blindness, but that is very rare and I figure that even if they screw up on one eye, they can't screw up on both. Well may be then can but it is not likely.

I highly recommend lasik eye surgery, research the doctors in you area and get referrals from friends.

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