Monday, March 23, 2009

How to Stimulate your Special Needs Child's Brain

How to Stimulate your Special Needs Child's Brain

Fun and easy activities to do with your special child.

WHEELBARROW - Have your child place their hands on the floor while you lift up their feet. Have them walk on their hands. This is great fun if you can have a wheelbarrow race.

FIGURE 8 - Place two objects 10 feet apart on the floor. Have your child walk in the pattern of a figure eight for 5-10 or until they are no longer interested.

BEAN BAG TOSS - Toss a bean bag back a forth with your child while you are both standing approximately 3 feet apart. Gradually back up if they are doing well.

CAN ROLL - Have your child sit at a table and roll a can (full soup can) from one hand to the other. The can should roll at least 3 feet across the table to the child's other hand.

BEAN BAG HAND OFF - Have your child stand with his/her arms out to their sides (like a cross). Place a bean bag or ball in one hand. Have them move their hands together in front of themselves and pass the bean bag to their other hand. Have them return their arms out to the cross position and then repeat, passing the object back to the first hand.

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