Saturday, April 17, 2010

How to Make Teeth Whitening Safer

Everyone wants whiter teeth, but not all teeth whitening methods are safe. Teeth whitening patients have reported extreme pain after treatments. Sometimes the pain is days or weeks after the treatment. The pain is debilitating and stops patients in their tracks until it subsides.

CUSTOMIZED WHITENING - Ask a dentist for a customized bleaching tray for your teeth. Only administered by dentists, the customized bleaching tray may be your best choice. The customized trays can provide the correct amount of bleach and desensitizing agents for your teeth. The desensitizing agents are prescription strength and normally work very well. Another benefit of customized bleaching trays is that the result is excellent. The whitening trays will get your teeth as white as they possibly can. If you are extremely sensitive this method may be your best choice. Discuss all of your needs and concerns with your dentist prior to any treatments.

DO IT YOURSELF - Pick up an over the counter teeth whitening kit at your local pharmacy. Many of the over the counter teeth whitening kits are much safer than the professionally administered methods. Of course the results may not be as white as you want them, but at least you will have a lower chance of pain. Over the counter products cannot use prescription strength bleaching agents or prescription strength desensitizing agents and therefore are not as strong as the teeth whitening treatments received from a dentist.

DENTAL POWDER - Try a dental powder and lamps. Dental powder is another option for those that have sensitive teeth and gums. The dental powder is applied and then lamps are used to speed up the process. The treatment is therefore much shorter than other treatments which causes less side effects. This method must be administered by a dentist.

WHITENING TOOTHPASTE - Use a toothpaste with "whitening" on the label. Whitening toothpaste is the least effective method, but it also has the fewest side effects and therefore makes it the absolute safest method to whiten your teeth. You will notice some whitening but it will not be a intense as a professional administered treatment or even a home treatment.

You can make teeth whitening safer by talking to your dentist before trying any treatments and ask about the potential side effects.

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