Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How to Find A Prescription Drug Without A Prescription

How to Find A Prescription Drug Without A Prescription

If you have been wondering how to find a prescription drug without a prescription, you can do it legally. If you find yourself in a foreign country needed a prescription or you have moved and you need a prescription, you have several options.

Using someone else's prescription, writing a false prescription or stealing someones prescription is illegal and very dangerous.


Contact a local pharmacy if you find yourself out of town and needed a prescription drug but you do not have your prescription from a doctor. Sometimes the pharmacy may be able to give you a sample if they can verify that you are currently taking the medication. You can obtain prescription medications without prescription and your pharmacists can give you more details.

Give your pharmacists complete and accurate information about the drugs or medications that you are taking for your own health and safety.


Contact your doctor if you are out of your medication and you need your prescription drug without having a prescription. Your doctor may be able to fax a prescription or send one electronically to a pharmacy near you. The doctor may have other advice to help you get the medication that you need. He will help you legally obtain your prescription medicines without a prescription.

If you are able to see your doctor, he or she may be able to give you samples if you cannot afford your medications or prescriptions.


Contact the prescription drug manufacturers to see if they can help you get the medications that you need. If the problem is that you cannot afford your prescriptions, they may have a plan to help you get your prescriptions free or at a discount.

The manufacturers may also be able to help you obtain a free sample of your medications. Drug manufacturers such as Astro-Zeneka, Merck, and Pfizer call have programs for low income families to help them get the prescriptions they need.


Check online to see if there is a pharmacy that can fill your prescription. You may be able to find a pharmacy based in Canada or another state that can legally fill your prescription for you.

Only take prescriptions that are for you and in the doses recommended by your doctor. Never take someone else's prescription because it could be dangerous for you to have it and dangerous for the intended patient not to have it.

You can obtain your prescription drugs when you need them even if you do not have your prescription with you.

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