Saturday, April 10, 2010

How to Relieve Heartburn with Home Remedies

Knowing how to relieve heartburn with home remedies will save you money and time. Many times prevention is the key to controlling heartburn. If you learn techniques to control your heartburn, you will not need treatment as often.

Heartburn is generally caused by consuming foods or drinks that cause pain and uncomfortable feelings in your chest and abdominal area.

BEFORE YOU EAT - Take a few steps before you eat to reduce the possible effects of heartburn.

Sit properly while you are eating. Your back should be straight and your feet flat on the floor. This well help you digestive system properly process your food and in a timely manner.

Avoid foods that have a tendency to cause heartburn for you, such as beans, cabbage, spicy foods and onions. When you do have heartburn, mark it down on your calendar and write down what foods you ate prior to the heartburn and how severe it was.

Drink a glass of water before your meal and drink water periodically throughout your day so that you are consuming at least eight glasses of straight water per day.

Chew your food thoroughly and slowly throughout your meal. Never rush when you are eating. Not only does it contribute to heartburn, but it also poses a choking risk.

FOOD CONSUMPTION - Eat healthy food prepared in a safe and healthy manner for the best results. Heavily fried, greasy and breaded foods are not only unhealthy but they can contribute to heartburn.

Add fresh ginger to your meal.

Try not to drink liquids during your meal, especially alcohol.

Don't wear tight clothing while you are eating.

You can avoid the risk of heartburn by monitoring your bodies reaction before, during and after meals.

AFTER YOU EAT - Take a long walk after your meal. Not only will it help you to keep the weight off, but it will also help your body properly digest your food.

Drink a glass of water after your meal.

Drink tea after your meal, such as green tea or herbal tea. Tea is very calming for the stomach. Chamomile tea is know to be very soothing to the stomach.

Avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine.

Add additional fiber to your meal in the form of vegetables or a powdered fiber solution. Additional fiber can help your body digest food properly.

Use an herbal remedy such as digestive enzymes. Take digestive enzymes in the form of a pill or powder that you mix into a glass of water after meals.

If you need additional relief from heartburn, you can take over the counter antacids. Antacids normally decrease your calcium and that is why they have added calcium in them. Do not take antacids as a calcium supplement.

You can relieve your heartburn with home remedies.

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