Sunday, April 11, 2010

How to Sculpt Flat Abs

You can sculpt flat abs in just minutes per day. The number one reason that people fail to achieve the flat abs that they are looking for is because they give up, do not lose your momentum, keep yourself motivated.

KEEP YOURSELF MOTIVATED - Keep yourself on task my creating a visual reminder of what your goals are. Post something motivating on your refrigerator or another location that you see everyday. It could be a photo of what you want your abs to look like or a photo of yourself when you had flat abs. A motivational saying is also helpful.

BUDDY SYSTEM - Find a buddy to work out with that has the same goals that you do. It is best if you can find someone that keeps you on track, not someone that tries to divert your attention.

WORK OUT EVERY DAY - Keep up your momentum by exercising every day. If you do allow yourself a break, make it just one day per week. Even one day can throw me off track, so I am now working out seven days per week. The day does not end until midnight, so if you have not worked out yet, there is still plenty of time. You can work out in the evenings just as easily as the mornings.

SCULPT THOSE ABS - Focus your exercises on your abs. There are exercises that you can do everyday such as sit ups and crunches. Start out slowly and then increase the number of crunches you do every day. You can also alternate the kind of crunches that you do such as double crunches, regular crunches and reverse crunches. Do some every day. Keep it up until you are doing at least 100 sit ups or crunches per day.

WALK - Incorporate at least one hour of walking into your daily routine. I am now up to an hour and ten minutes of walking per day. This is in addition to your flat ab workout. You will not achieve the results you want unless you keep up with your workout.

EAT HEALTHY - Eat healthy every day, including plenty of protein, vegetables and fruit. Since you are exercising much more, make sure that you are eating plenty of proteins that are low in saturated fat.

DO NOT EAT FAST FOOD - Eliminate fast food from your diet. Every time you decide not to eat at a fast food restaurant when you want to, put $10 in your savings account. Not only will you be saving your life, but you will be saving yourself a lot of money.

CLIMB BACK ON THE WAGON - If you fall of the wagon and stop exercising or you eat unhealthy food for a few days, don't give up. Jump right back on the healthy wagon again.

Daily exercise and eating healthy will help you to sculpt the flat abs that you want.

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