Friday, November 13, 2009

How to Have Better Sex Between Husband and Wife

How to Have Better Sex Between Husband and Wife

You can have more sex with your wife.

Knowing how to have better sex between husband and wife will help spice up your love life with your spouse. Sex is good for you emotionally and physically. Keep yourself healthy by having great sex. Get married, be romantic, keep your love alive and always make time for your spouse.

GET MARRIED - Have great sex by marrying the love of your life. Sex is much better when you are married. Many singles may not realize this fact until they take the plunge and get married. This is an incredible phenomenon that only married people enjoy. Marry the love of your life today, so that you can begin enjoying the best sex ever with your spouse.

ENJOY EACH OTHER - Pay attention to your spouse. Look at them as if they are a marvel to look at every moment. Try to figure out what your spouse is thinking. To have better sex with your husband or wife, you need to be in touch with their emotions and when it is the right time to approach them. Knowing how to have better sex with your husband or wife will increase the length of your life. Sex between a husband and wife falls under the philosophy of the more the merrier.

MAKE TIME - Make the time to have intimate moments with your spouse. Each intimate moment does not need to be sexual. You can spend time just playing around, which will make sex even better when you finally get to it. If you have children at home, you should create a date night every week. Make sure that you have complete privacy for your date night and plenty of time to spend together. Put it on the schedule so that you do not forget and the time is already allotted.

BE COMPASSIONATE - Try to imagine yourself in your spouses shoes. If you are sensitive to the feelings of your spouse on a daily basis you will be able to enjoy your sex life more. Understanding what is happening with your spouse and sympathizing with what they go through every day will bring you closer together and therefore make you more intimate.

Knowing how to have better sex with your spouse will give you a higher quality of living.

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