Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How to Get A Swine Flu Vaccination

How to Get A Swine Flu Vaccination

Have you been wondering if you can get a Swine Flu vaccination? You can get one if you want one. It may be covered on your health insurance, you may want to contact your health insurance company and your doctor to verify. Ask how much the fee will be if it is not covered on your insurance.

MID SEPTEMBER - Ask your doctor when the Swine Flu vaccine will be available in your area. The Swine flu spreads extremely fast at schools, so it is important that you receive the vaccine shortly after school begins. It is anticipated that it will be available in the middle of September.
If you have young children it is very essential that you inquire about the Swine Flu vaccine as soon as possible. The Swine flu travels quickly through grade school children, but it is most dangerous for babies and the elderly who are not strong enough to fight it off adequately.
As soon as your doctor anticipates the arrival of the vaccine, make an appointment for the most vulnerable members of your family and the entire family if you feel necessary.

HIGH RISK - Get the vaccination for the Swine Flu if you are in the high risk group or if you live with someone in the high risk group. You should also get the Swine Flu vaccine if you are susceptible to getting colds and flu's. Initially the vaccination may only be available to those in the high risk groups or living with the high risk groups. There may not be enough to cover everyone that wants one initially, but more will become available.

It is unknown what the efficacy of the vaccine will be just as it is not known every year when the flu vaccine is created. This fast tracked Swine Flu vaccine will be the best that can be done in this short time frame.

The high risk groups are the elderly, infants, school aged children, pregnant women and other adults that are at risk for infection or disease.

Knowing how to get a Swine Flu vaccination will help you keep your family healthy.

ILLNESS - Get the vaccine only when you are well. If you are sick or feel like you are getting sick, you should not get the vaccine.
Knowing how to get a Swine Flu vaccination will help you avoid sick days at work and school.

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