Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How to Get A Flat Stomach Today

How to Get A Flat Stomach Today

Start your routine for a flat stomach today.

If you need to get rid of your spare tire, you need to know how to get a flat stomach today. You can start working on your flat stomach and you will have one in no time. Belly fat looks gross, so trim your belly today.

Begin a new exercise routine which requires you to workout everyday for at least sixty minutes. If you want great abs you will need to work for them everyday.
Look below in the Resources section if you need more information on fabulous abs.

Workout your abdominal muscles everyday.

Do crunches every day. Do sets of ten and then work up to doing ten sets, so that you are doing 100 crunches per day.

Tighten your abdominal muscles whenever you think of it. You can tighten and hold them throughout your day to burn extra calories to work off that belly fat.
You need to build up your abdominal muscles so that they are burning extra fat for you everyday. Muscles burns much more energy than other parts of the body. The more muscle you have, the more fat you will burn each day.

Drink at least twelve glasses of water per day. Your body requires eight (eight ounce) glasses of water per day for every one thousand calories that you consume.
If you eat about 1,500 calories in a day, you should drink twelve glasses of water per day.
Without water your body cannot function properly. Water flushes out toxins and fats out of your system.

Drink at least four glasses of green tea per day. Green tea helps you burn more fat so that you get rid of your belly fat faster. It can also help you feel full so that you eat less, not to mention all of the antioxidants that it contains to combat diseases.

Knowing how to get a flat stomach today will help you get the body that you have always wanted.

Stop eating and drinking foods and drinks that are bad for your body and contribute to stomach fat such as soda, junk food, fast food and packaged foods.
Foods of poor nutritional value are bad for your health, make you fat and do not give your body the nutrition that it needs.

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