Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How to Treat Anxiety Disorders

How to Treat Anxiety Disorders

If you have social anxiety disorders, you can treat your symptoms easily.

You can treat your anxiety disorders easily. If you are able to recognize the triggers that cause your anxiety or panic attacks, you will be able to easily control them. Get the help you need so that you can live a happy and stress free life.

RECOGNIZE TRIGGERS - Evaluate the things in your life that cause you anxiety or panic attacks. Triggers may be something that you do, see, hear, feel or even a person. You may not think that a certain person is causing you stress when you see them, but when they begin saying things that bother you, you may recognize a trigger. Finding the things that cause you stress is essential to your recovery.

ELIMINATE STRESS - Take the stressful triggers out of your life. This may mean that you no longer see certain people or you reduce the amount of time that you spend with them. You do not need to tell them that you are removing them from your life, just tactfully avoid them.

You may need to avoid certain stressful or anxiety provoking activities or locations. It does not mean that you can never visit or participate in these activities again, it just means that you need to cut them out of your life right now.

Slowly you will be able to add things back into your life once you have learned to deal with them.

SEEK HELP - Find a good therapist that specializes in anxiety disorders. A good therapist can help you control your behavior when confronted with a trigger. Medication may or may not been needed, talk to your doctor about what is best for you. Let them know all of your questions and concerns about your anxiety disorder and how the medication may effect you.

You can treat your anxiety disorder easily and quickly.

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