Thursday, October 22, 2009

How to Do Flat Abs Exercises

How to Do Flat Abs Exercises

You can do flat abs exercises all day long.

Knowing how to do flat abs exercises can keep you looking and feeling your best. Work on your abs continually throughout your day to get the abs that you want. Flat abs do not appear overnight, you have to earn them by working them out continually throughout your day.

TIGHTEN ABS - Tighten and hold your abs throughout your day. Whenever you think of it, whether you are in your car or sitting on the couch, you can tighten and hold your abs tight for a number of seconds. Whether you can hold them tight for only 5 seconds or 30 seconds, every little bit helps. You can also do this exercise a number of times. This exercise will help you to burn fat and get the tight abs that you are looking for. Don't try to do it if you need to use the restroom! This is a great flat abs exercise.

DAILY CRUNCHES - Do crunches every day. Crunches or sit ups are an exercise that you can do every day. You do not need to take a day off in between your crunch workouts. Crunches are an excellent ab exercise. Do crunches every day in sets of 20 until you are doing a minimum of 100 crunches or sit ups per day. Crunches are the number one abs exercise that you can do to tighten up your abs. If you do them every day, you will notice a difference in no time. Crunches will give you the six pack abs that you are looking for.

SIDE LEG LIFTS - While standing, lift your knee up and to the side to touch your bent elbow. These exercises will give your middle an extra workout for muscles that you do not use very often. Do them on both sides. Try to start out with 20 lifts and keep increasing until you are doing about 100 a day on each side of your body. There are many different muscles in the abdominal area and you will need to work out all of these muscles to get the flat abs that you are looking to achieve. Keep up the good work every day. I know you can do it.

You can do flat abs exercises every day and get the abs that you want in no time.

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