Thursday, October 22, 2009

How to Lose Weight on Slim Fast

How to Lose Weight on Slim Fast

Create a Slim Fast meal plan.

Have you been wondering how to lose weight on Slim Fast. Slim Fast is a great tool for losing weight. There are numerous flavored shake drinks available if you do not want to use Slim Fast such as Ensure. Use the one that you enjoy the most so that it is easier for you to follow through with your meal plan.

BREAKFAST - Lose weight on Slim Fast or another flavored nutritional shake by eating healthy all day long. Start out by drinking a Slim Fast or Ensure for breakfast. You can supplement your shake breakfast by adding a healthy food that is less than 100 calories. Healthy additions include a piece of fruit, a cooked egg, one ounce of lean meat such as turkey, small serving of yogurt (no sugar added) or a raw vegetable. Your breakfast should be large and healthy. This is the time of day when you do not have to feel bad about adding on to your meal as long as the food you add is healthy.

SNACK - Have a snack two hours after breakfast. This should be a healthy snack such as carrots, tomatoes, apple, banana, one ounce of lean meat such as turkey or chicken, or a small yogurt. In summation eat something high in protein or a fruit or vegetable.

LUNCH - Eat lunch approximately two hours after your snack. Lunch should be similar to breakfast. Drink your flavored nutritional shake, Ensure or Slim Fast and an additional healthy food item.

SNACK - Have a healthy snack two hours after lunch. It is very important that you eat often to keep your metabolism high. Make your snack 50-200 calories. The snack should be a fruit, vegetable or low saturated fat meat.

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