Thursday, October 22, 2009

How to Recognize Diabetes Symptoms

How to Recognize Diabetes Symptoms

You can easily recognize diabetes symptoms.
Knowing how to recognize diabetes symptoms can save your life. Diabetes is a very serious disease and the sooner that you know that you have it and can begin treatment, the better. Diabetes symptoms vary from person to person, but if you have any of these symptoms, you should see a doctor immediately. You may not have diabetes, but you should have the symptoms checked out.

SUDDEN WEIGHT LOSS - Recognize that sudden weight loss is not normal. If you have a sudden drop of weight of ten pounds or more see your doctor immediately. If you are not doing anything to lose weight, but you are still losing weight, you should have it checked out. It may not be diabetes, but it is a symptom that should be seen by a doctor. Sudden weight loss is more typical of type 1 Diabetes. In type 2 diabetes the weight loss is less noticeable. Sudden weight loss can be nothing, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

FREQUENT URINATION - Notice if you are running to the bathroom more often than usual. Frequent urination can be a sign of diabetes. If you are going to the bathroom more often day and night, you should contact your doctor. There can be other reasons for frequent urination, so this symptom alone does not mean that you have diabetes. Knowing how to recognize the symptoms of diabetes will help you to call the doctor sooner and have it ruled out if necessary.

EXTREME THIRST - Notice if you are experiencing extreme thirst. If you are thirsty all the time and cannot seem to quench it, you should see a doctor.

BLURRED VISION - Notice if you have blurred or unusual vision. Diabetes can affect vision. If you are having vision problems on a regular basis, you should call the doctor.

NUMBNESS - Notice if you are having numbness or tingling in your extremities. Numbness can mean several other illnesses, so you should see your doctor immediately if you have numbness that does not go away or if it comes back.

TIRED? - Notice if you are feeling tired all the time. Fatigue is one symptom of diabetes. If you are feeling weak and tired all the time, you should see a doctor.

If you need more information about the symptoms of diabetes, please click here. Knowing how to recognize the symptoms of diabetes can save your life.

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  1. Diabetes is a very common disease. It occurs in any individuals irrespective of age. There are many signs and symptoms of diabetes. A general blood glucose test is carried out for detecting diabetes. Frequent urination is the primary symptom. Weight loss, fatigue, exhaustion, sores, skin infection, blurred vision etc. For more details refer signs and symptoms of diabetes