Thursday, October 22, 2009

How to Find Goji Juice

How to Find Goji Juice

Goji berries are grown in China, Mongolia and Tibet.

Knowing how to find goji juice will keep you in good health. Goji juice is one of the new super foods. Goji berries are only grown in China, Mongolia and in the Himalayas in Tibet. Once it's health benefit were found it became popular all around the world.

CHINESE HERBAL SHOPS - Find goji juice and goji berries at Chinese herbal shops. Look in your local telephone directory to find the one nearest you. If you are unable to find one close by, you may have to travel to the nearest large city such as San Francisco or Los Angeles. The Chinese have been using goji berries for over 6,000 years. It is also known as lycium barbarum, wolfberry, and fructus lycii.

Even though they are becoming more common, goji products are still very pricey. Prices will vary depending on the products that you buy. Goji juice is normally not pure, but in a mix of other juices.

NATURAL FOODS STORE - Look for goji juice at your local natural foods store. Health food stores normally carry many goji products because of their health benefits. Goji is thought to have many antioxidant properties such as: improve eyesight, protect the liver, strengthen sexual functions and fertility, improve circulation, promote leg strength, increase your immune system and much more. Health food stores normally carry dried goji berries and goji juice mixes. Ask at your local health food store to see the variety that they carry. They may be able to let you know other places in your community that goji juice can be found.

GROCERY STORE - Search for juices that contain goji berry in your local grocery store. You will not be able to find a juice that is 100% goji, but you may be able to find a mix of juices that contains goji. As the health benefits of goji become well known, more and more large chain stores are carrying goji juice mixes. If you are unable to find juice containing goji on the shelf, ask for help, it may be in the health food section of the grocery store.

ONLINE - Order goji juice online for convenience. You can get exactly what you are looking for and it will arrive in a timely manner. The internet can keep you looking and feeling your best by giving you easy access to nutritionally rich products such as goji juice.

You can find goji juice easily these days.

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