Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How To Raise Good HDL Cholesterol Levels

Managing your cholesterol levels is very important and high cholesterol should not be overlooked.

Your bad LDL cholesterol is not the only one you should be worried about. It turns out that bad LDL cholesterol is just one of the three cholesterols that you should keep control over. The three cholesterols are: Triglycerides, LDL cholesterol and the good HDL cholesterol. Not only do you want to keep the first two low, but you want to keep the third one high.

A low HDL cholesterol is not good for your health. Any number below 30 is considered low. Low HDL cholesterol is even considered one of the risk factors in getting adult onset, type 2 diabetes. That is right, ignoring this good cholesterol can later turn into a risk factor for diabetes.

Generally speaking your best bet to staying healthy is eating right and exercising every day. Assuming you are, there are only four foods that are know to raise your good HDL cholesterol. Only fish, almonds, olive oil and avocados have been proven to raise good HDL cholesterol.

Fish should be consumed at least three times per week. The best fish is wild caught salmon. It is more expensive and difficult to find, but you can usually find it. If more people ask for wild caught salmon, there will be more of a demand for it.

Almonds are an excellent snack and you only need to eat a small handful every day for all of their health benefits. If possible do not eat almonds that are too heavily salted.

Olive oil makes foods taste better and is very healthy as well. Try to eat a small amount of olive oil every day that is not cooked.

Avocados are said to be the most nutritious foods in the world. They are packed with health benefits.

Manage your cholesterol levels today and avoid getting high cholesterol.

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