Wednesday, January 6, 2010

How to Treat Back Pain Symptoms

How to Treat Back Pain Symptoms

If you injure your back or experience lower back pain, you need relief fast. Knowing how to treat lower back symptoms will get you the relief you need quickly. Depending on the level of pain that you are experiencing, you may be able to use a home remedy or you may need to seek professional help. If you back pain does not go away see a doctor.

MUSCLE RELAXER - Take a muscle relaxant immediately after injuring your back or feeling extreme pain in your back.

Muscle relaxants such as pain relievers will actually help your lower back repair itself. When you injure your muscles in your back they tense up. If you take a muscle relaxant it allows the muscle to relax to its natural state faster and therefore heal faster.

If you feel extreme pain in your lower back and you did not do anything to injure it, it could be something more severe and you should go to the doctor or emergency room immediately if it does not go away.

REST - Lay down immediately on a firm flat surface. The floor of your home is usually a good place. Depending on the severity of your injury, it could take a week to ten days before you are able to get up again, pain free.

Stretching - Stretch your muscles as soon as you are able to do so without pain.
You can sit up and reach for your toes. Be very gentle with your lower back if you are reaching from side to side.

STRENGTHEN - Exercise on a regular basis to strengthen your back muscles.
Learn to pick up heavy objects appropriately so that you do not injure yourself again.
Do not twist and reach for high objects because that can also injure your back and cause pain.

SEE A DOCTOR - See a doctor if the pain persists.

If you want more information on how to treat back pain symptoms please look here.

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