Sunday, April 26, 2009

How To Avoid Salmonella Poisoning

Everyone on the planet needs to know how to avoid salmonella poisoning. It can make you sick and it can kill infants and the elderly. It is also best to prevent something from contaminating you than it is to treat it.

HAND WASHING - Hand washing is very important. It is very important that everyone was their hands before eating or preparing food. You should also wash your hands periodically throughout your day. Wash your hands after using the rest room, taking out the trash, coughing or blowing your nose. Make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly with soap. Experts suggest that you sing the Happy Birthday song while wash to make sure that you wash long enough. Everyone can learn how to avoid salmonella poisoning.

RESTAURANTS - Of course you always want to eat in a restaurant that is clean but looking clean does not always mean that it is sanitary. Make sure that all of the foods you eat at a restaurant are cooked all the way through. Pregnant women should not eat raw foods or sushi.

COOKING WITH EGGS - Eggs can have salmonella on the outside of the shell and on the inside. When you are cooking with eggs make sure that you wash your hands and anything that came in contact with the egg or your hands. Cook eggs or food containing eggs thoroughly. Do not eat foods that contain raw egg.

CHICKEN, POULTRY, MEAT SAFETY - Be very careful when you are cooking with meats. Clean off every surface that comes in contact with the meat with a disinfectant. Wash the utensils and plates that touched the raw meat. Be extra careful if you consume meat, especially chicken while you are in a foreign country. Make sure that it is cooked thoroughly. Do not eat raw meat.

FRUITS AND VEGETABLES - Fruit and vegetables can contain salmonella poison also. Wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly before consuming. Use a scrub brush and dish washing soap if you need to. My grandmother soaks all of her fruits and vegetables in water with bleach in it. Do not assume that organic fruits and vegetables are clean, the opposite could be true, wash all fruits and vegetables. Some fruits such as cantaloupe are known to sometimes have salmonella on the outside of their rind. Wash them thoroughly with soap and water before you cut into the cantaloupe.

If we spread the word instead of the germs everyone can learn to avoid salmonella poisoning.

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